Custom Interface is committed to delivering what you need, when you need it, every time.

We have implemented a quality management system to support this commitment to you. Our dependable performance results from being process-driven and focused on continuous improvement.

Quality begins with understanding what you need. This is accomplished through communication and experience.

  • Communication
    Providing dedicated customer support to understand your needs and create a strong partnership.
  • Experience
    Partnering with customers in industries ranging from aerospace to alternative energy for over 15 years.

Quality depends on capability, capacity and expertise.

  • Capability
    Turn-key cable or electro-mechanical assembly builds.
    – Manufacturing expertise and robust supply-chain management you can rely on.
  • Turning your idea into a documented design and prototype.
    – Your idea can quickly become a manufacturable solution with our experienced engineering and prototyping support.
  • Capacity
    – Facility
       – Our 45,000 square foot facility provides the space to support our existing and future customers.
  • Expertise
    – Effective training programs and a stable, talented workforce have led to a track record of meeting customer needs successfully.